Lean 6 Sigma Open Green Belt Trainining Program

Process Improvement



The most popular Process Improvement training is the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Green Belt training. TEAM Lean Six Sigma and Yoda  offer a world-class interactive and very complete Green Belt training based on successful programs in organizations such as General Electric, Philips, Caterpillar, Borusan and DHL Turkey. 


To enable project management and to acquire knowledge about how to disentangle a problem one should learn the most common and valuable improvement tools. The GB training offers enriching insights through which trainees can build confidence and achieve successful change with their teams.


Problem definition, performance measurements, root cause analysis en coming up with appropriate measures result in satisfactory and sustainable changes. However no matter the quality of the solution in the end the success is primarily defined by the acceptation of the change in the organization. For that reason the Green Belts is trained in the `soft` elements of Change. Who do I need to win over for this change? How can I overcome opposing forces? How do I deal with conflicts?


Every training needs to be instrumental. The Green Belt is no exception. Trainees need to recognize how they can apply what is learnt in their daily work. This is a primary objective of our delivery model. We introduce topics through lectures and then follow through with case studies, exchange of experiences and TEAM work. Trainees receive various excel templates and supporting pdf materials so they can continue to learn outside of the classroom.


A Green Belt project is typically aiming to achieve a minimum of around € 20.000,- in gross benefits. This business case requires the Green Belt or project manager to dedicate at least 15% of his or her time to the project. Given the fact that Green Belts can easily deliver multiple projects the ROI (Return on Investment) for this training is typically three or more in the first year.




The DMAIC Green Belt training is structured completely around the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC project phases. The Green Belt acquires experience with a great number of tools all of which have proven to be quit valuable in projects:-


1.    Introduction Lean Six Sigma

2.    Lean Six Sigma DMAIC toolkit

a.    Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control

b.    Simulation / case study

c.    60+ tools

d.    Basic Statistics

e.    Lean solutions

f.     Soft skills

4.    Lean Six Sigma Roles & Responsibilities


Planning & Organization


TEAM LEAN SIX SIGMA & YODA will organize the first Green Belt training program in 2012. The training which will be delivered in English starts the 30th of October. The Green Belt training consists of 2 training weeks (8 training days) that are spread one month apart.


The training takes place in or around Istanbul. The exact location will be chosen based on the number of trainees and typically modules will be hosted by one or two participating organizations to offer an opportunity to organize some on-site Lean Six Sigma activities. On demand we are happy to deliver the Green Belt training in your organization and every location.


TLSS/YODA recommend trainees to bring a real project to the training.


Between training weeks the trainees work on their projects. This model will help absorb the material and supports earning back your investment in the course of the training. Your investment in an open Green Belt training ranges from approximately 2.500,- to € 5.500,- a person excluding VAT. The investment depends on the number of enrollments of your company and the level of coaching-on-the-job that is required.


A Green Belt can become certified after the successful completion of a theoretical exam and the successful completion of a project delivering benefits of ≥ € 20k.  


Any questions?


Please contact TEAM LEAN SIX SIGMA; info@teamlss.nl or YODA; bilgi@yoda.gen.tr if you have any questions or request information about our other service offerings including consulting services, our special 1-day Lean Six Sigma awareness or Leadership training or our Black Belt or Lean practitioner training. We will be happy to discuss the opportunities or refer you to some of our clients to discuss our work and their results.




TEAM LEAN SIX SIGMA (TLSS) & YODA have formed an alliance to provide state-of-the-art Lean Six Sigma and performance improvement services to the Turkish market. Professionals working in TLSS/YODA are involved in Lean Six Sigma and Business Excellence programs and projects for well over 15 years in the Turkish as well as the International market. They match their intensive track record with building experience in virtually all sectors and industries. Focus is on delivering tangible results. At the end of the day it is your results what makes us successful.  


Operational Excellence


The focus for continuously improving processes and results nowadays clearly goes beyond the traditional ways of making a change. This is valid for all and every Industry including Manufacturing, Financial Services, Supply Chain, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Pharma or governmental organizations. By focusing improvement efforts really on customers and employees significant and sustainable improvements have been achieved.  According to a Process Excellence Network survey that was conducted October 2011 to explore the future of Process Excellence nearly 700 respondents indicated the true success factors. Companies that focused mostly on top line revenue growth and increasing customer satisfaction were more likely to rate their process improvement initiatives as successful. 32.5% of “highly successful” companies focused on the customer. Those that focused on cost savings were most likely to be rated unsuccessful (40.7% of the “highly unsuccessful” or “unsuccessful” focused on cost savings versus 20.7% of those in the “highly successful” category).


A real focus on customer needs in combination with a strong process focus of a highly skilled work force are proven drivers for value growth.   TLSS/YODA offer several pragmatic approaches leading to real breakthroughs.  


TLSS/YODA & DMAIC Process Improvement


Consider three grades of change: incremental, substantial, and transformational. Incremental change involves better “blocking and tackling”. Substantial change involves calling new plays, perhaps with new players. Transformational change redefines the game, both for the company and its industry. The company breaks through the “old” conventions and captures and then aims to sustain a competitive advantage.


Our approach to strategy deployment is based on four core principles:-

1.     Be customer-driven

2.     Find value across the enterprise

3.     Have a bias for rapid implementation

4.     Create a strategic management competency


The focus on these principles will help shape the impact of your improvement or transformational strategies.


Over the last 15 years the combination of Six Sigma & Lean has proven very successful for all three grades of change and offers tools aligned with the 4 principles.


TLSS/YODA as your partner


TEAM LEAN SIX SIGMA & YODA  offer a wide array of consulting, training and coaching services in process improvement and innovation.


A top down implementation of improvement- or transformation programs like Lean Six Sigma means that the highest level of leadership leads this initiative.   


A large majority of the employees is being involved with the implementation.  The full scale implementation of Six Sigma combined with Lean thinking offers great opportunities to translate your business strategy to concrete results rapidly.


Bottom-up services from TLSS/YODA are especially meant for a product division, a business unit or medium-sized firm to achieve improvements and innovations on product- and process level step by step. We offer you a customer specific spectrum of Lean Six Sigma or Business and Operational Excellence services. This can vary from the execution of (pilot) projects and the providing of (in-house) training or consulting which is based on our proven approaches and methodologies.


Why do we think we are different from others?


TLSS & YODA offer:

-  state-of-the-art expertise and training;

-  true integration of soft skills (leadership qualities) in Lean Six Sigma trainings & projects;

-  English & Turkish speaking trainers and consultants

-  A lengthy track record including some major Lean Six Sigma programs including General Electric, Caterpillar, Thales, the ING Group, Philips and Royal Dutch Shell.


The consultants & trainers of TLSS/YODA have supported 1000’s of  projects at more than 100 (multi)nationals, (semi)governmental organizations and Small & Medium sized Enterprises delivering several 100 million euro’s.


TEAM Lean Six Sigma & YODA offer more than a consultancy project or training program. They will help you make the difference !..